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Boeing Employees' Garden Club

application form

Join a Fun Gardening Group




To promote horticultural and plant understanding

To encourage and build an individual’s confidence in the above

To promote living in harmony with one’s environment

To pool resources and knowledge of mutual interests



All active and retired Boeing employees and members of their families are eligible to join the Garden Club. Government, customer, and vendor representatives stationed at The Boeing Company also are eligible.



Annual dues, based on the calendar year (January through December), are $10 per person.



Members meet at 5:30 pm on the third Monday of each month at the Oxbow Activity Center, Seattle. Meetings generally include a speaker or workshop, refreshments, door prize drawing, and business meeting. Some meetings are held at members’ homes.


Included are field trips to greenhouses, nurseries, botanical gardens; plant exchanges, a Holiday Potluck Party in December, plant sale, slide shows, and hands-on workshops. Activities are arranged by, and many presented by, member volunteers.



Located at the Oxbow Activity Center, the Garden Club library includes a wide selection of gardening books, periodicals, information sheets, and newsletters from local botanical gardens. Items can be checked out at the monthly meetings.



What are your interests and expertise? Would you be willing to present a workshop? What kinds of programs or field trips would interest you? Examples: houseplants – organic gardening – hydroponic gardening – fruit trees – lawn and shrubs – ornamental gardening – landscaping – bonsai – foods (growing, canning, freezing, dehydrating, recipes)




 2016  -- MEMBERSHIP/DUES FORM –Mail Membership Form with dues to Caroline Zebrowski  P.O. Box 3707, Seattle, WA  98124  Mail Stop 02-WA
  Make check payable to Boeing Employees’ Garden Club - Seattle.


Membership Dues $10 per person (January through December 2016)

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